Expensive printer taunts me

    I hate my Epson Artisan 800 printer. I hate it, it's not got long to live until I salvage it's internal organs for motors and gears to use in other projects unrelated to printing. It was ludicrously expensive but I liked the fax and scan and the ability to print on CD's and DVD's (which I've used exactly once since purchasing the thing) The scanner has worked well and the quality is pretty good. The printer has given me a couple of good prints but mostly I dont use it for pictures which i order from online services.

    The document feeder for the scanner/fax has never worked. But I'd been using it for a month before I tried to use the document feeder so I couldn't return it. It feeds one page, then tells you there is a jam. There is no jam, you can't clear it. You have to bang it up and down just shy of the amount of force necessary to break off the plastic hinges and then it will clear the jam.

    Yesterday I tried to receive a fax only to be told that the light cyan ink cartridge was not responding? And needed to be replaced. well.. OK waste all the ink in there and replace it. Meanwhile the fax was, I think, received in the background. It chewed on the new light magenta cartridge for a while and then told me I had a fax to print and I told it to go ahead. At which point it told me the light blue and dark magenta carts were now not communicating and needed to be replaced. these also were not out of ink and were working fine just a couple of days prior. So I replaced them too. But now I had lost my background fax needs to be printed message. Though I did find it by going through about 7 levels of menus to re-print the last fax received. So I got it.

    Now today I go to send a fax (being careful as usual not to use the document feeder) and I get this hilarious message:

    My printer wants to die, and it wants me to help it to it's reward. So I'm off to surf macworld printer all-in-one reviews. Or maybe I dont need a color ink jet anymore at all... I hate printers. Why do they all so expensively suck? I'm thinking that I might spring for the HP unit with the ink that is more expensive than individual molecules of anti-matter just to have one that works. But Kodak claims their ink is the cheapest and their units get good reviews except for the scanner, which is the part I'm mostly going to be using. Then my friends are telling me that canon ones are also excellent, I love canon cameras and video devices so I'll be looking at those too.

    But I can tell you, no more epson devices will ever cross the threshold of my home and this one will be leaving in very small pieces.

    Bill Vlahos (unauthenticated)Dec 26, 2010 4:10 PM

    I gave up on Epson products a long time ago. Just hate them. I'm pretty happy with my Canon MP460 but it doesn't FAX. I purchased a separate Sharp FAX machine which is fantastic. The Canon works well and makes great prints and copies. My only complaint with it is the scan software isn't very straightforward to use. It works and even has a very useful feature that it can detect multiple photo scanned at once and make an image for each but is a lot more difficult to use that it should be.